Ben Parker was a member of the Spider Clan, remarked as both skilled and ambitious, with the intention to open his own martial arts school. In the past, May and Kiri's mother had arranged for Ben to marry the younger of the sisters. However, after the Shadow Clan murdered May's husband and took Kiri, this arrangement was clearly forgotten. At some point, he and May were married, Ben becoming step-father to May's son.[1]

Years later, Ben and May lived in New York, Ben running a dojo where he taught his nephew Peter the ways of the Spider Clan. Ben unfortunately met his end as the hands of his adopted son, Venom, who killed his father in cold blood while his cousin watched on in horror.[2]


It can be presumed that since Ben was Peter's sensei, he is a master of the Spider Clan's Ninjutsu, though his abilities likely declined with age.


everything known to kill a man


Stick: Often used to hit Peter in his visions.

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