Quote1.png With the great power of this gun comes a responsibility to feed my family! By shooting jerks and stealing their priceless ermine! Quote2.png
-- Uncle Ben src


Uncle Ben murdered Glider-Man's Uncle Glen, leading to his family coming into immense wealth. His nephew, Peter arrived home, having stopped the burglar who would have gone on to kill Ben and questioned their sudden wealth. Suddenly, Glider-Man appeared to avenge his Uncle Glen, but was he was prevented from killing Uncle Ben by Slider-Man who revealed that Uncle Glen had been hired to kill Slider-Man's Uncle Sven. The two were interrupted by Health Care Provider-Man, who revealed that Uncle Sven had killed Health Care Provider-Man's Uncle Ken. Albert Camus's "The Outsider"-Man appeared soon after, revealing that Uncle Ken was about to murder Albert Camus's "The Outsider"-Man's Uncle Den. Large Hadron Supercollider-Man, Ring-Binder Divider-Man, Zach Snyder-Man, Tidier-Man, Wider-Man, and Ghost-Rider Man also turned up in and around the house.

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