Ben Parker was the paternal uncle of Peter Parker. During World War II, he and his friend Kevin Marlow always wanted to be heroes, and both competed for the love of Lenora Sharp. Ben had the advantage with Lenora until Kevin participated in the super soldier program and became the Destroyer. Upon becoming super powered and more confident, Marlow won Lenora's heart instead and they married. Ben would still remain good friends with them and marry May Reilly instead.[1]

In 1946, after the Destroyer's recklessness unintentionally caused the death of Lenora, both the Destroyer and Ben Parker learned that with great power, there must always comes great responsibility. Ben would pass on that lesson to Peter Parker decades later. Marlow gave Ben the Destroyer costume and ring for safekeeping in order to avoid ever using it again.[1]

Ben Parker was killed when a burglar shot him. That burglar was a man Peter had previously seen robbing someone, but chose not to catch him.[2]

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