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When Peter's parents died he was taken in by the amiable Ben Parker. He raised him as his own son trying hard to enlist values in the youth. When Peter was a teenager Ben was fired from his job as chief electrician for 35 years and worried about his nephew Peter Parker's strange behavior. His words of wisdom, "With great power comes great responsibility", inspired Peter to become Spider-Man. But Peter lashed out at him during this speech, telling him to stop acting like his father. After Ben was shot by a criminal his nephew Peter failed to stop, Peter and his aunt greatly mourned his passing.[1]

Captain George Stacy later informed Peter and Aunt May of new evidence that suggested the thug Peter failed to stop was only an accomplice of Flint Marko (Sandman), who was Uncle Ben's real killer. Marko had really wanted Ben to run, but his partner's interference caused Marko to pull the trigger by accident when Ben was trying to reason with the man and show him the error in his ways. Seeing the truth, Spider-Man forgave Marko just before he slipped away.[2]


  • The late Cliff Robertson portrays Uncle Ben in each of the films in the Spider-Man trilogy. Although his character was killed in the first film, Uncle Ben appears in the other two films of the trilogy via flashbacks.
  • This version of Ben Parker is faithful to the comics, including his being shot by a criminal his nephew earlier failed to stop. This, however, is retconned in Spider-Man 3, where it is revealed he was actually killed by Flint Marko, a character Peter Parker had never encountered.
  • The second film features a sequence where Peter contemplates giving up his Spider-Man identity to Uncle Ben who, in the flashback, is a physical representation of the entity and ideology of Spider-Man, encouraging Peter to continue on as a superhero.

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