At an unknown time, Ben Parker, disappeared and Doc. Ock Holiday became their village's new sheriff. Since then, Peter Parker started acting as crime fighter under the name Web-Slinger.[1]
Benjamin Parker (Earth-TRN604) from Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 17 003

As the Phantom Rider.

During a combat against Doc Ock and the Phantom Rider (secretly, Uncle Ben), Peter met Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid (Miles Morales) and, when they're all ambushed by the Phantom Rider, he abandons them and they're arrested.[1]

After a while, the Web-Slinger comes back and breaks them, but after Ock injures his shooting hand, he left again. After realizing his uncle would've wanted him to fight, Web-Slinger returned and helped the Spiders defeat Doc. Ock, revealing the Phantom Rider as a mind-controlled Uncle Ben.[1]

Afterwards, the Spiders left to the next dimension, Doc Ock Holiday was arrested and Ben Parker became sheriff again.[1]


Seemingly those of the Phantom Rider of Earth-616.


White Horse


Whip (Formerly)

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