Benjy and Claire circa 1984

Both Benjy and his twin sister Claire were born while their father was off the planet participating in the Secret Wars. Shortly after his return, Mary Jane left Peter and took their children with her, unable to deal with Peter's double-life as Spider-Man following a traumatic incident with both an alien symbiote and a manic Kraven the Hunter.[1] Benjy grew up with his mother and sister outside of Portland, Oregon. The extent of Peter's relationship with his children during their formative years is unclear, but an eleven-year-old Benjy and Claire embraced Peter when he re-entered his family's lives in 1995.[2]

Benjamin Parker II (Earth-19529), Claire Parker (Earth-19529) and Mary Jane Watson (Earth-19529) from Spider-Man Life Story Vol 1 5 001.jpg

In 2006, Benjy's "Uncle Ben" was killed by Morlun, indirectly revealing Peter's identity as Spider-Man to the world. As Peter traveled to New York to clear the air and tend to Parker Industries, Morlun attacked the Parker residence back in Portland. Benjy and Claire fought against Morlun, who resolved to consume the siblings as "snacks" until he could feast upon their father. Morlun caught Claire in a hold, but as he began to feed from her she swiped him across the face, drawing blood. As the family fled into the wilderness, Benjy deduced that Morlun would be vulnerable only when he was feeding, and used himself as bait so that Claire could strike a fatal blow.[3] The plan succeeded, but in the aftermath Benjy apparently suffered extensive injuries, requiring the use of a cane even thirteen years following the experience.[4]

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