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A Brand New Day[]

Benjamin Rabin was a mathematician who worked with a team consisting other mathematicians and engineers to study algorithms that Mayan culture had intuited hundreds of years ago. Unbeknownst to others, Rabin planned the Mayan deity Wayep in an attempt to merge with him and become "Kuhul Ajaw."[5]

Rabin's first attempt at ritual sacrifices was stopped by Mayan warriors, who Spider-Man managed to defeat with the help of Wolverine. However, after being locked in the Police station, Rabin managed to continue his ritual with Carlie Cooper and almost succeeded until Spider-Man managed to stop him from merging with Wayeb' by stalling for time to end the window of opportunity.[6]

Return to New York and Death[]

With his powers gone, Rabin was sent to Ryker's Island, where he continued his studies with the help of some privileges he gained for good behavior. Having managed to gain followers, he escaped from Ryker's Island and went straight after Peter Parker once again.[7] Reminding Spider-Man who he was, he attacked him and marked him for vengeance and Mary Jane Watson for sacrifice, before he sent them to another universe already devastated by Wayep.[1] After Spider-Man escaped back to Earth-616 upon killing Wayep, Rabin spent years in the other universe hunting Mary Jane and Paul, but Peter's return to save Mary Jane allowed Paul the chance to kill Rabin, who revived himself imbued with Wayep's powers and sought to kill Mary Jane to finalize the ceremony to keep the death god's powers.[8] Breaching realities, Rabin managed to return once again to New York one year later by Earth-616 time, seeking Mary Jane.[9]

Rabin arrived in a tornado and was confronted by Mary Jane, Spider-Man, Gold Goblin, and Ms. Marvel. Rabin used his glyphs to summon a Xibalba dragon and revealed to Mary Jane that he "created" Mary Jane's and Paul's adopted children, Owen and Romy, "binding" them to her as part of his ritual. With their purpose served, Rabin cast a spell "erasing" them from existence, enraging Mary Jane into attacking him with her powers. While Spider-Man, Goblin and the Fantastic Four were preoccupied with the dragon, Rabin attempted to kill Mary Jane but was prevented so by Ms. Marvel. Rabin taunted Spider-Man with images of Mary Jane's impending death, which provoked Spider-Man into attacking him, but Rabin escaped with Wayep's space-time traversal powers. Rabin encountered Mary Jane alone in an alleyway and stabbed her with his blade, believing that he completed his ceremony. However, "Mary Jane" turned out to be Ms. Marvel in disguise; Rabin was killed by Wayeb's spirit for "deceiving" him with a false sacrifice while Ms. Marvel died in Spider-Man's arms.[4]


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Connection to Wayeb: Rabin's connection to Mayan god Wayeb grants him numerous powers, including the following:


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Rabin has a vast comprehension of mathematical formulae that have allowed him to comprehend scribbling symbols to evoke magical effects.[6]
  • Expert Occultist & Magical Knowledge: Rabin has a vast knowledge in mysticism.[6]


  • While Rabin augmented himself to have "the mind of a god," he was still physically human and was vulnerable to any mortal injury.[2]



  • Ceremonial Knives: Rabin would carry blades to kill persons offered as sacrifices.[6][9]


  • Daggers: Rabin would use bladed weapons to kill any he deemed a sacrifice[6] and also to hunt those who earned his ire.[9][8]


  • Magical translocation

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