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Benjamin "Red" Ruff gained notoriety during World War II as the "Flying Flame" due to his distinctly painted red fighter plane. He was sent to Ruxville, France to investigate how the Nazi forces behind the Siegfried Line were managing to shoot Allied planes out of the sky without any visible weapons. He was also warned that the notorious German fighter pilot the Black Ace was located behind enemy lines as well.

Landing his plane outside enemy lines, Red was soon captured by the Black Ace and his men, who informed him that he was ratted out by a spy. Red was shown a secret ray weapon that was hidden underground that was being used to destroy Allied planes. He was locked up in a cell until the Black Ace could decide a fitting death for him. However, Red found a loose stone in his cell and managed to break free. Sneaking to the Nazi secret weapon, he sabotaged it before escaping and returning to base in his plane. He then led an Allied air force back to the Sigfried Line and engaged the Black Ace and his Luftwaffe in an aerial dog fight. When the Ace ordered the weapon to be activated, it explode instead, leaving the Ace and his men to be shot down by the Flying Flame and the Allies. In the battle's aftermath, Red returned to his superiors and warned them there was a spy on the base.[1]

Much later, the spy stepped up activities by sabotaging planes. Red exposed the spy as Private Langer. Catching him in the act of sabotaging the Flying Flame, Red chased him across the airfield. When Langer stole a bomber, Red climbed aboard another plane, climbed down by rope onto the bomber, and forced Langer out of the craft, sending the spy falling to his death. Landing the plane safely, Red was commended for a job well done.[2]

Red's subsequent activities during the war are unknown.


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Ruff was a skilled pilot



The Flying Flame

Red flew the "Flying Flame", an Allied fighter plane painted bright red. It was armed with two machine guns.

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