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Benny Thomas lives in New York City and is a student at Corbeau Preparatory High School as an outcast who didn't seem to fit in with anyone properly, expect with his friends. After his parents got divorced and his parents remarried, he felt alone. When he stayed with his dad after his mother moved away he felt unwanted, especially when his father focused his time more on his new step-mom, two new step-brothers, and new half-sibling. One day he, his step-brother, and his friends found an unknown alien spaceship which possessed technology that could mimic powers in the right conditions.[2] From that day, Benjamin and his friends wanted to feel special, and decided to dress up as superheroes and pretend to be mutants fighting for change.[3]

On their first mission, the team intercepted a robbery by the Hell's Belles, a group of depowered mutant criminals. During the fight, Marvel Guy and Daycrawler a.k.a Nighty-Nightcrawler confronted Vague. After the battle the vigilante teenagers were questioned by the X-Men about refusing to come to Krakoa. After lying about why they could not come to Krakoa yet, Daycrawler teleported the team away to evade the approaching cops susceptible to enforce Kamala's Law, a ban on teenage vigilantism. That very night, the team went to a Gateway to Krakoa, hoping the technology they wielded would help them pass, but were unable to pass through.[3]

After seeing the groups old friend Cole, who had gotten sick earlier in the school career, Benny had found out he was attending the same Dazzler concert as him and Cole and caught up briefly, before being called away.

After he and Gabe got a call from his friends that the Hell's Belles were attacking the city again (this time with Briquette, the Children of the Atom launched in to attack. After being overpowered by their weapons and Briquette mutant powers, Storm appeared and soothed things over. Storm explained to the Hell's Belles that they were not neglected to coming to Krakoa because they lost their powers, and they were welcome to come with her.

Later the next day, Benny, Gabe, and Buddy were invited to a dinner at Coles house were they discovered that the procedure that introduced mutant D.N.A inside of him to save his life. With Benny and his friends asking a lot of questions about his new hybrid status, Cole got offended and kicked them out.

When all of his friends came over to have an unofficial meeting, Buddy confessed that during dinner she swipe Cole's shirt to try see if they could use his D.N.A off it to enter the gates, before they could test their success, the U-Men apprehended them thinking they caught mutants before entering the gate to experiment on.[4]

With a battle ensured, Benny tried to use his pheromone projection gear to twist the minds of the soldiers, only for them to have air filters on their mask and knock him out, only after he told Jay to run.[5] Thinking he was going to be cut up by the U-Men and have his body parts harvested, Jay came back with the X-Men to help battle the U-Men. Defeating and freeing them, they discovered that Benny and the Children of the Atom weren't actually mutants like they implied they were. They were disappointed in them for using their people as masks, but proud they would stand up for the people in need. After the Children of the Atom came to Buddy's house from the battle, Benny apologized to Jay on how he mistreated him and told him he would be better because they were family.

Storm appeared again at Buddy's house where they all discovered that Carmen was actually a mutant when Storm gifted her with an invitation to the Hellfire Gala.[1]


He is protective of his brother Jay. Like all of Benny's friends, they are super fans of the X-Men and mutant culture and wish they could be mutants like them, even going so far as to pretend to be mutants to other mutants.[3] Benny also hates being alone in the sense that he would just be forgotten. After both his parents divorced and had other families, he felt pushed aside when they shifted their focus away from him. With that happening, he took his feelings on Jay unfairly.[5]



  • Gloves that release pheromones that give the user control of organic beings (along the lines of hypnosis).[6]
  • Pieces of Magneto's helmet that blocks telepathy.[4]


Daywalker/Nighty-Nightcrawlers teleportation gear.


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