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Ben Urich was an experienced and respected reporter of the Daily Bugle, who runs a network of informants under the alias of the Spider. This has allowed him to amass a wealth of evidence against various corrupted politicians and notable figures in New York City, including underworld boss, Norman Osborn - also known as the Goblin. However, Urich does not use the information he has to expose the Goblin but rather to blackmail him, in order to get enough money to feed his secret drug habit. Urich is also good friends with his on and off lover Felicia Hardy.

Urich encountered Peter Parker during an oration by Peter’s aunt May Parker in Central Park. When May's socialist slant attracted the unsatisfied response from the Goblin's men, the Enforcers, Urich was forced to intervene in order to prevent serious injury to either Peter or May. Urich subsequently took Peter under his wing as his assistant and shared his experiences of New York City's seedy underworld. Unknown to Peter, Urich had known Peter's deceased uncle Ben Parker as he had horrifically witnessed his death by the Enforcers' The Vulture. The reporter's exposure fueled Peter's intentions to find justice, which ultimately led him to becoming the Spider-Man.

After previously witnessing an arson caused by Fancy Dan, Urich confronted the Goblin and intended to expose him. But he was instead bought off. At this moment, Peter crashed into the Goblin's office and was shocked to discover Urich's secret. Peter angrily berated Urich before taking off. This snapped Urich's resolve in quitting his ties with Osborne and to really expose the Goblin through his boss Jonah Jameson. Unfortunately, he was instead killed by the Chameleon, who was disguised as Jameson. Despite Urich's death, his findings were given to Felicia Hardy and his death was avenged by her as she had witnessed Urich's murder. Following the Goblin's death, Urich's research was written in the Daily Bugle and successfully exposing New York's corrupted figures.[1]

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