Exodus was captured and experimented on by the forces of Apocalypse until he was rescued by Magneto.[1] Exodus became highly devoted to Magneto and joined his X-Men. During his time with the team, he developed a relationship with his fellow X-Man, Dazzler.

Some time later, Exodus was part of a squad of X-Men sent to aid in a Sentinel evacuation of the remaining humans in North America. Magneto informed Exodus that he possessed teleportation abilities, a power of which he was unaware. Exodus surprised his teammates and himself when he was able to teleport them from the Xavier estate to the coast of Maine. While the X-Men managed to reprogram the Sentinels to recognize them as friends, the Brotherhood of Chaos reprogrammed the virus in turn to make the X-Men seen as hostiles.[2]

Despite this setback, Exodus and his comrades managed to stop the Brotherhood's attack and the evacuation was successful.[3] Returning to the Xavier estate, Exodus and the other X-Men found that Magneto and Bishop had been captured by Apocalypse. Quicksilver sent Exodus and Dazzler into the Morlock tunnels below the mansion to find Quicksilver's younger brother, Charles, who had fled during the attack on the mansion.[3] Exodus and Dazzler instead found the X-Ternals, learning that Charles and a shard of the M'kraan Crystal had been stolen by the traitorous Guido Carosella.[4] Exodus and Dazzler soon reunited with the other X-Men who were planning a final assault on Apocalypse's citadel.[5]

Exodus was not involved in the final battle, however. Following the fall of Apocalypse, Exodus was sent on a secret mission for Magneto. He was last listed as missing in action.[6]


  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation

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