Bennington Brown was a hypnotist who used his powers of hypnosis for crime. At one point he used it to steal an entire stagecoach which he rode to Eagle Bend, Texas. He confessed his crime to the sheriff, but the hypnotized victims refused to press charges. Brown then robbed the local bank by hypnotizing the staff into giving him the money, and slowed down the reactions of a man with a gun, outdrawing him in a gunfight. When the sheriff arrived, Brown once again avoided charges by hypnotizing the bank staff into saying the money belonged to him.

The outlaw Kid Colt had broken out of jail in Eagle Bend and challenged Brown, who bested Colt in hand-to-hand combat using his hypnosis. When Colt realized what Brown's trick was, he challenged him to a gunfight, but didn't look Brown in the eye. He outdrew Brown, and shot his gun, causing an explosion that blinded Brown.

Later, having regained his sight, Brown was summoned by Iron Mask to a meeting along with Dr. Danger and the Fat Man. Iron Mask proposed that they join their unusual powers to commit crimes while posing as a team of circus performers. They performed in Phoenix, Arizona, and Brown demonstrated his powers of hypnosis to crowds, causing one man under his influence to float in mid-air. When the Fat Man saw Kid Colt in the crowd, the four crooks knocked him out, and turned him over to the sheriff. This won them an invitation to the governor's party that evening.

The Circus of Crime performed at the governor's party, then had Brown hypnotize the sheriff in order to disarm him, as he was the only armed man present. They began to rob the guests, but Kid Colt had escaped jail, and fought all four of them. Brown tried to use his hypnosis against Colt, but Colt grabbed a barrel and shoved it over his head, then tipped him over. The Circus of Crime were then all arrested.[1]


  • Hypnotism: Bennington Brown had the power of hypnosis. He could use his powers on any person he made eye contact with.
  • Illusionist: He could use his abilities to create illusions, slow down the reactions of others so that he could outdraw them, and prevent his victims from pressing charges against him.


He carried a pistol.

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