In 1941, Benson would lead an expedition into Tibet to find beings that the natives called "Walking Mountains" who were supposedly immortal as well as invulnerable. Discovering the creature, Benson's associate Finley would learn that their one fatal weakness was loud noises and they would enslave the Oriental Giants and bring them back with them to the United States. Crooked business men, they would eventually land in trouble with the FBI who would being investigating them for income tax invasion. When Finley would begin to panic, Benson would have the giants slay him. Benson would then use the giants to slay those investigating his business dealings, almost slaying Betsy Ross until she was saved by Captain America and Bucky.

Becoming greedy and seeking to obtain wealth and power, Benson would send the creatures to attack Camp Lehigh and commit robberies across the area amassing him a considerable fortune. Tracking Benson to his hide out, Captain America would be captured and told by Benson where he found the creatures and what their weaknesses are. When Bucky would smash into the hideout and free Cap, they would use the cannon that Benson had to keep the giants in line. The resulting blast would not only slay the giants, but Benson would die in when his hideout would collapse on him.[1]


Benson had a handgun as well as a cannon which he used to keep his giant slaves in check.

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