Quote1 In fact, you've answered a question I've long asked about myself. I always wondered what kind of man I might have been... If I'd had the love of a family around me. Quote2
-- The Wizard src

Bentley Twenty-Three is a clone created of Bentley Wittman aka the The Wizard. All of the clones are presumed dead besides Bentley.[1]

Bentley Wittman (Clone) (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 5 8 001

The Wizard tried to use these clones of himself to try and defeat the Fantastic Four. The clones were stopped by Mr. Fantastic, when he tracked down the Wizard's secret lab. Mr. Fantastic defeated the Wizard and had him taken away by the authorities.[citation needed]

Bentley Twenty-Three was taken home by Mr. Fantastic, who treated the boy as if it was one of their own. The young clone often refers to himself as Twenty-Three, this is because he believes he has not earned the right to call himself by his father's name. Although the Fantastic Four and the rest of his friends still call him Bentley. After sometime he accepts who he is and believes he had earned the name. Bentley Twenty-Three then joins the Future Foundation.[citation needed]


Genius Intellect.[citation needed]

  • Like The Wizard, Bentley hates marzipan.[2]
  • Bentley was originally referred to as Thirty-Two.[3]

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