The Wizard was the leader of the Frightful Four who was in command of the province of Wittland. Wizard and the others had a meeting with the Squadron Sinister in the Wastelands about the Four's supposed annexation of Europix. Hyperion suggested that the Four should let the Squadron handle Europix or they would suffer the consequences.

The Wizard contained by Doctor Spectrum

The Wizard helped his teammates against Captain Savage and his men. Then a battle broke out between both sides until the Squadron showed up to interfere with the Frightful Four's plans. During the fight, Hyperion had Doctor Spectrum hold the Wizard in a containment field so he could tell Bentley that he could have stayed alive if he had stayed in Wittland, but instead, Spectrum used his Power Prism to shatter the Wizard's body thus killing him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Bentley Wittman of Earth-616.


Wizard Armor

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