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The Wizard, during a previous battle with the Fantastic Five, became confined to a hover chair and blamed Reed Richards for crippling him. He gathered a new team, the Wizard's Warriors: two women, Dominator and Freefall, and three men, Bullet, Binder and Impact. The team were supplied with the Wizard's various inventions. They attacked the Fantastic Five, but the Wizard's real objective was to discover the true location of Reed Richards.[1]

Later most of the team were captured by Psilord and Spider-Girl. He and Dominator nevertheless invaded Reed Richard's space station in the Negative Zone, but the inbuilt defenses captured them, and Reed stated that they must remain in "cold storage" until the rip in the universe is repaired.[2]



He is a genius-level inventor specializing in physics, sub-atomic particles and other dimensions.


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