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A prominent techno-artist on her home planet of Krylor, Bereet used the inhabitants of Earth as inspiration for many of her films. Once she became aware of the Hulk, she felt she had the perfect subject. She traveled to Earth, convinced the Hulk that the Krylorians were invading, accompanied him for several weeks, and secretly used her Star Eyes to record his activities. When she had enough material for her work, she returned to Krylor. The resulting work, The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk, which the Krylorians considered an art film, made her reputation. Presumably, she worked on other projects in the meantime but needed new inspiration. She wound up back on Earth in search of the Hulk.[citation needed]

Instead of the Hulk, though, she found Rick Jones, who was dying of radiation poisoning. Luckily for Jones, the Krylorians had discovered a cure for his condition. Once with the Hulk, Bereet began filming. At this point, the mind of Bruce Banner controlled the body of the Hulk. Bereet and the Hulk/Banner had a brief romantic relationship, although she may have played along to keep her "star" cooperative. To her credit, she did save the Hulk from the U-Foes by unleashing her Defendroids.[citation needed]

Once she finished filming, she made a pseudo-documentary. It premiered at Radio City Music Hall and became popular on Earth. She decided to stay here, specifically in Hollywood, to continue her filmmaking.[citation needed]


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Bereet has mastered the audiovisual technology of her world.



  • Star Eyes: These levitating spheres record sights and sounds that Bereet can then incorporate into her films. They can also "fill in" events that they do not record but infer from later information.
  • Spatial Distorter: This small bag contains a pocket dimension that holds all of Bereet's equipment.


  • Defendroids: Bereet can summon these fighting machines from her Spatial Distorter.


  • Banshee Mask: Bereet's starship folds up into a mask.


  • The first set of stories including Bereet (in Rampaging Hulk) were later retconned into a fictional film that Bereet made on Krylor. Effectively, those stories never involved the real Hulk but were "interpolations" of what he could have done.[citation needed]

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