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A woman of Jewish heritage, Bernie Rosenthal is renowned as one of the most talented glass blowers in the New York metroplex. Rosenthal is the former owner and operator of Rosenthal's Glass Menagerie in Greenwich Village, New York, along with her partner Ann Brennan. She once held a long-standing romantic relationship with Steve Rogers.

They were, at one time, engaged to be married.[1] She leased an apartment directly below Rogers' when both resided at the same Brownstone Apartment complex (owned by Anna Kapplebaum) at 569 Leaman Place, Brooklyn Heights, NY.

After being forced to close the glass shop due to a rise in the rent,[2] Bernie left New York and Steve Rogers to attend law school at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). She has since become a successful lawyer and has maintained a friendship with Rogers. More recently she has served as the attorney for Bucky Barnes who was charged by the Federal Government for his former actions as the Winter Soldier.[citation needed]


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  • A huge professional wrestling fan, Bernie has watched it on TV since childhood and once noted it as her favorite show.

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