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Bernard Kloss was a paleontologist who hired Gordon Greig to lead him to the Savage Land for scientific study. Even though Greig had no idea how to get there, they accidentally found their way there after being lost in a blizzard. He was betrayed by Greig, who tied him to a tree and left him to die. He was saved by Ka-Zar[1]. Fascinated by the local wildlife, Kloss remained in the Savage Land.

When a madness began seizing the residents of the Savage Land, Kloss theorized that it was caused by the proximity to Vibranium and convinced Ka-Zar to travel to London to acquire the help of a geologist.[2] Having discovered evidence that the dinosaurs in the Savage Land came from the Sheenarians' home dimension, he accopmanied Ka-Zar who traveled there to prevent further invasions.[3] There, he became a prisoner of the Kramen who syphoned off his life energies, rapidly aging him.[4]

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