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Magickally enhanced humans


A geological survey composed of U.S. and Canadian staff was flying to a remote location when unusual atmospherics caused difficulties for their pilot, Madelyne Pryor. Her boyfriend, Scott Summers was reminded of a storm he had faced while a member of the X-Men caused by Shaman. After a significant lightning flash, their plane crash landed.

Once on the ground, the expedition members discovered that most (with the exception of Scott Summers) been changed by the Fire Fountain. Those changed had grown in size and gained supernatural abilities. Madelyne Pryor discovered she had the ability to heal those injured. Master Builder created a city for them around the Fountain and Cornucopia created food and clothing.

Rachel Summers had perceived the danger to Summers (as he had fathered her in an alternate timeline). She initially attached Shaman under the mistaken belief he caused the accident. The X-Men and Alpha Flight worked together to find the expedition.

The group decided that they could use the magic of the Fire Fountain to cure all the world's ills and decided to use it to convert humanity. Once the combined X-Men/Alpha Flight arrived, it became apparent that the magic of the Fire Fountain had a negative effect on other magic users as Shaman lost control of his abilities and Snowbird was struck ill. Master Builder realized he was losing the ability to create new sculptures when he faced increasing difficulty in drawing new designs in his sketchbook.

Beastmaster and Pathfinder worked to prevent Wolverine from saving Snowbird. When enough questions began to surface, a rift developed between those who supported using the Fountain to change the world and those who did not.

After a battle, it was revealed the Fountain was created by Loki in an effort to elevate his status in Asgard. When it was also revealed that the cost to change was a person's creativity and ability to imagine, it was unanimously decided to stop Loki's plan. During the controntation, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow intervened and forced Loki to end his plans.

All the members of the group reverted to normal.

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