Bes is a member of the Ennead, an extra-dimensional race of beings once worshiped by the people of Ancient Egypt, and the god of luck and probability.[1] He was possibly the brother of Khonshu and Montu, sons of Ammon-Ra and Amaunet, as was Ptah.[4]

Bes met the Earth Force when they tricked Grog into taking them to Seth's dimension. But Seth had already begun his assault of Asgard itself, and Balder had no choice but to use the Celestial Siphon to drain Thor’s powers into himself. Which leaved Thor helpless before Grog and Seth's army.[5] Thor, Hogun, Black Knight, Earth Lord and Skyhawk were all trapped inside the Black Pyramid being tortured by Grog. Whilst imprisoned they meet a shadowy figure.[6] They fought their way through the Black Pyramid. They found that the secret to Seth's power was he had imprisoned Bes, forcing him to bend luck to his side. Bes led Thor to an astonishing discovery, the imprisoned Odin.[7]

In Asgard, the forces of life and the forces of death clashed in fierce combat. Seth challenged Balder to single combat, and of course, cheated. Balder fell and the power of Thor returned to him. The manacles holding Odin were really power dampeners, hiding his presence from Surtur. Odin imparted all his power to Thor to fight the fire demon when he arrived.[8]

Thor battle Surtur across time and space. Karnilla rescued Balder before Seth’s final blow could be struck, and he convinced her to help Asgard. Meanwhile, Odin fought Seth, and with the help of the cursed Black Knight, the serpent god was defeated. Earth Force was restored by the Egyptian gods and returned to Earth.[9]


Bes possesses the various superhuman abilities as a result of his Ennead physiology. He can also bend probability to his advantage or to the disadvantage of others,[1] for example by increasing chances of victory in battle.[10]

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