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Beta Flight is a training division of Alpha Flight. The team has gone through several incarnations. Consistently the team has been less experienced (and/or younger) Canadian heroes who are training to be in Alpha Flight.

The first incarnation of Beta Flight was created by James Hudson after the failure of his first super-human response team, the Flight. This version was later disbanded when the Canadian government cut all funding to Department H after several missions were deemed failures.
Membership consisted of:

The second team to be known as Beta Flight was created by Heather Hudson after Alpha Flight became allied with several young super-humans. This team broke up briefly following Alpha Flight's return from a trip in outer space.
Membership consisted of:

After Alpha Flight re-gained government sponsorship, they soon sponsored another Beta Flight. Given the experience its members, Beta Flight was deemd ready for field duty. Windshear acted as their advisor/liaison.
Membership consisted of all Betans from previous incaration as well as:

The most recent incarnation of Beta Flight consisted of newer heroes who served (for a time) as Alpha Flight.
Its members:

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