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Quote1.png Tell your master this: Any world which I cannot defend, I will destroy. No matter where he runs, he will find naught but dust to sustain him. He will sicken. He will waste away. His hunger threatened the universe. Now, his hunger threatens him. GALACTUS WILL STARVE! Quote2.png
Beta Ray Bill

Appearing in "Godhunter, Part One"

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Synopsis for "Godhunter, Part One"

Bill is determined to hunt down Galactus and end his threat forever. Thor tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail. Bill and Skuttlebutt head first to The Peak to talk to Agent Brand, who gives him a lead on Galactus' known location as of three days prior. Bill then heads to the Silent Lathe, the armory of Voidian, and pounds him a new one fairly easily, then confiscates his weapons. Bill and Skuttlebutt then head to I'Than IX and manages to meet up with Stardust and Galactus, and Bill has Skuttlebutt destroy the already evacuated planet before Galactus has a chance to feed. Afterwards, Bill is intercepted by Galactus' other herald - the Silver Surfer.


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