Stormbreaker Ray is a member of the Thor Corps, composed of mutiple men and women across Battleworld, and are Emperor Doom's enforcers of justice.[1]

He was the Thor who alerted Sherieff Strange of the disappearance of Angela and was the Thor who lead the rest of the Thor Corps into Killville to assist her.[2]

In one mission with his partner, Thunderer Thorlief, they were investigating the murders of five differet women in different domains, who later revealed to be the same person. They went to the Kingdom of Manhattan to find answers, with Ray heading to his contact, Loki. After receiving information from him, he was immediately struck by lightning by an unknown assailant, secretly Rune Thor, and later died in his partner's arms.[3]


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart.


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart.

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