Though Apocalypse was defeated by the X-Men, a decade later, a new tyrant rose in the form of Weapon Omega, the transformed X-Man known as Weapon X. Beta Red was a member of the Black Legion, a group of merciless killers in service to Weapon Omega. With the world once more thrown into chaos and ruin, only the strong survived, and the X-Men were decimated. When the X-Force from Earth-616, arrived, the X-Men tried to assist them in rescuing the mutant known as Gateway. Their mission to the prison known as the Sky was a trap, however, and the Black Legion was waiting for them when they arrived.[1]

In the moment before they attacked, Beta Red caressed Demon-Ock with her tentacles, and then gave chase along with the rest of her teammates when X-Force and the X-Men fled. Weapon Omega himself stood in their path, and roasted his own daughter alive with his newfound power. Jean Grey was captured by Weapon Omega; forced to do battle, the mutants fought against Beta Red and her brethren. Beta Red attacked Sabretooth, snaring him in her coils, but as the mutants gained the upper hand, Creed gashed open her face with his claws.[2]

Later, Beta Red participated in the Black Legion's assault on The Vestry, one of the last bastions of humankind. During the opening moments of the attack, she impaled a young girl's father on her tentacle, smiling as he died. It's unknown if she survived the battle.[3]


Control over strong tentacles housed in her forearms, capable of impaling victims.

  • She has distinct similarities in appearance to Omega Red.

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