The Betans of Earth-7918 are a race of reptilian humanoids bent on conquering the universe. Coming from the Beta Sector of space, by the year 1941 they would be in a full out intergalactic war. On December 7, 1941, the Betan army would attack Space Station Pearl, an outpost owned by Earth, a planet that was until that time uninvolved in the conflict. This attack would lead to Earth officially entering the conflict, and would also see to the formation of the Howling Commandos. The Betans would next attack Space Station Midway, and would be provided information by the traitorous Admiral Strucker a German who would aid the Betans in the hopes of allowing he and his followers to rule Earth.

This attack would be stopped by a fighter fleet led by Red Hargrove, and Strucker's mutiny would be revealed by Nick Fury and the other Howlers. With Strucker killed in battle, Fury and the others would also manage to fight off the Betans and send them into retreat.

Although the conflict was far from over, subsequent battles between the Betans and their foes and the outcome of the war remain unrevealed.


Type of Government: Fascist Dictatorship
Level of Technology: advanced


The Betans of Earth-7918 are different from the Betans who battled Godzilla in Earth-616.

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