Beth was a young mutant runaway. She was indoctrinated into the Children of Heaven cult by the mutant Phillip. She was exploited by Phillip, who used her to produce pornography and beat her and forced her friend Mike to torture her with his powers when she disobeyed. At the end of Archangel's fight with the cult, she knocked out Phillip with a mental bolt.

After Archangel broke up the cult, Mike, Beth, Voodoo and others stayed behind, hoping to turn the cult's headquarters into a legitimate help center.

Beth's subsequent fate has yet to be recorded and it is unknown if she retained her mutant powers after the event of M-Day.


  • Telepathy: Beth had mental powers, the extent of which have yet to be explored.
    • Psionic Blasts: She could at least use them to assault the minds of others.

Beth may have had other functions, as well, but have yet to recorded.

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