Beth was a waitress at a restaurant near Stark Tower. When the Chitauri invaded New York City, Beth and several other employees and customers sought refuge in the restaurant. They were soon rounded up by the Chitauri and herded into a bank with several others. Fortunately Captain America managed to dispatch the Chitauri, allowing Beth and the others to escape to safety.

In a TV interview after the Chitauri were defeated, Beth defended Rogers and the rest of the Avengers against accusations that the battle was their fault, and thanked them, particularly Rogers, for saving her life.[1]

  • Beth appeared much earlier in the film in a scene that was ultimately cut. She waits on Rogers when he takes an outdoor seat at her restaurant. She asks if he's there to see Iron Man fly by and appears to flirt with him (to which Rogers seems largely oblivious, until an older gentleman at the next table says "Ask for her number, ya moron!"). This scene also added significance to their later encounter, as she presumably recognizes him later during the battle when she sees him as Captain America, without his mask.

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