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Betty-6 was a harem slave of Maestro in the city-state of Dystopia approximately 90 years in the future. She was chosen to be a slave by Maestro because she closely resembled his former wife, Betty Ross Banner. When the Hulk from the present traveled to the future to help overturn Maestro's reign, but was defeated, Betty-6 was forced by Maestro to rape the paralyzed Hulk in an attempt to break the Hulk's spirit.[1]

Later, after Maestro was killed, the Hulk was returned to his own time, and Dystopia became a struggling democracy, a pregnant Betty-6 became a librarian in Castle Maestro. While everyone around her assumed she was carrying Maestro's child, Betty-6 admitted it could be the Hulk's instead. When the Abomination seized control of Dystopia, he ordered Betty-6 killed before she could give birth to a child with a possible claim on Dystopia's throne. Betty-6 and several other Dystopians targeted by the Abomination traveled into the past in Castle Maestro's Time Platform to escape.[2]

Arriving in the present, the refugees from the future fell in with the present-day Abomination's community of homeless people living in the sewers underneath Manhattan. Shortly after arriving, Betty-6 gave birth to her son, who she named Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan. The refugees (most of whom had super-powers) joined with the Abomination to form the team known as the Abominations, dedicated to protecting the homeless of New York City. In the future, the future Abomination destroyed the Time Platform and stranded Betty-6 and the others in the past, deciding that having them stuck in the past was as good as having them dead.[3]




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