Betty Forest's life was shattered when her mother died from cancer and her father unable to deal with the grief turned to drinking and became abusive. Things continued to grow worse for Betty when she fell in love with a man named Wayne. Thinking she had finally found the right man, it was not meant to be as Wayne was just as abusive as her father. Betty eventually came to St. Andrew's and in the counseling of Caitlan Leiber who was fresh out of school at that point. Betty eventually returned to Wayne and Caitlan feeling she failed turned to her other patients. Things for Betty continued to spin out of control and she was hit pretty bad by Wayne in a run down factory they were living in. Betty was exposed to experimental cryo-freeze chemicals that created the Iron Man foe, Frostbite. Betty was transformed into a being who could manipulate cold forces from body temp to wind. She became Bitter Frost and went out seeking revenge on those who hurt her. She tracked down her father and froze him to death before searching for Caitlan, which lead her into a fight with May Parker but spared her thinking she was a victim like her. Bitter Frost escaped and went out to find Wayne before she was tracked down by Spider-girl, Caitlan and Detective Drasco. A fight broke out causing Wayne to slip out unseen while Bitter Frost attacked the three. However, during a fight with Drasco, a piece of frozen 2x4 broke off and caused Wayne's propane heater to explode causing Betty's body to heat up and she returned to normal. She is currently imprisoned in Ravencroft while Caitlan continues to try and help her.


Bitter Frost can generate intense cold, creating ice and snow from the surrounding moisture in the air.

Strength level

Normal human.

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