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Daughter of a former cop, Beverly Sykes joined the army and fought in the Gulf War, before joining the NYPD.[2][3]

She was a volunteer at Stamford after the incident that led to the First Superhuman Civil War[4] and, after that, Bev and her partner Harry Givens became very dedicated to following the Superhuman Registration Act and bringing the New Warriors to justice. However, after finding evidence that pointed to Tony Stark being secretly funding the Warriors, Bev seemed to have lost faith.[5][6]

They were untrusting of Stark for a while, but after an accident that caused the death of 4 civillians, Stark contacted them and told them their only hope of not ending their careers sooner than expected was to join the new S.H.I.E.L.D. New Warriors Task Force.[7][8]

Once again, things didn't go according to plan and their first confrontation with the team resulted in the apparent deaths of two of the Warriors. The rest of the team escaped, devastated, but the Task Force had managed to put a tracer on them and followed them to their hideout, just as they were about to jump in time. Unaware of what was going on, but unwilling to lose them again, Bev instinctively followed them and ended up 30 years in the future with the team.[9]

She was initially reluctant to help the New Warriors break into the Stark/Taylor Building to get a time machine and return home, but she eventually agreed to help them and even saved Donyell Taylor before they returned home.[10]

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