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Synopsis for "The Great Beyond"

The Story starts with Michael Collins burying a group of heroes including Bi-Beast, the Super-Skrull and a Kree warrior. Meanwhile in New York, Gravity, with permission from his girlfriend, battles Brushfire, he crushes Brushfire with a car, then convinces him to surrender. He then finds himself drawn to a big thing in the park. He crashes into it and awakes on a ship in deep space along with Spider-Man, Firebird, Hank Pym, Wasp, Medusa, Venom, Kraven and Hood. The Beyonder then contacts them telling them to kill their enemies. Almost instantly Venom turns on Spider-Man, the two fight an Spider-Man claims he does not need help beating Venom, when Venom impales him through the stomach. Spider-Man dies in Medusa's arms (well, her hair).

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