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Quote1 Everything's real if the Beyond Corporation says it's real. That's the thing, Monica--you're...little people. The little funny people, there for us to play with. You don't matter, little nothing people. We decide what matters. Quote2
"Jason Quantrell"[src]

The Beyond Corporation is a collective of beings who embody the wild spaces beyond reality. While the other entities from the Outside want to study and even preserve the Multiverse population, the Beyond Corp cares only to play with them and have fun.[9] They are considered "rogue Beyonders" by other Beyonders.[12]

After Beyond's avatar was banished,[10] it left behind[12] a seemingly ordinary, albeit incredibly corrupt multinational conglomerate.[13] This leftover Beyond is run by a board of directors,[14][5] and it hires locals like Maxine Danger, Marcus Momplaisir, and Dr. Ashley Kafka.[13] Beyond owns many holding and shell companies to hide its illegal activities.[15][16]

Recently, Beyond attempted to profit using super heroes and villains. However, when its star hero Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) learned of its corruption, Beyond erased his memories but damaged his formative memories.[17] With Ben rogue and its villain program sabotaged,[18] Beyond was forced to cut losses and scrubbed all evidence of its involvement.[5]



In order to have a real good laugh, the Beyond Corporation created the Nextwave Squad by moving several superheroes (namely Elsa Bloodstone, the Captain, Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, and Aaron Stack) from Earth-616 to Earth-63163,[2][19] altering their memories and personalities in the process.[20][9]

Beyond made the team believe they were disrupting the company's marketing plan, which was to product-test unusual weapons of mass destruction on the American public, by fighting things that could not exist, such as Broccoli Men and Killer Koalas. It posed as a former terrorist group known as S.I.L.E.N.T. that rebranded into the Beyond Corporation by Number None and Devil Dinosaur. After the Nextwave Squad killed them, all members of Nextwave were eventually returned to Earth-616, and it was claimed that none of the events involving the Beyond Corporation really happened.[21][9] Monica later learned that these events did happen, but it was the real Beyond Corporation toying with them from the Outside.[19]

Mighty Avengers[]

After Jason Quantrell of CORTEX opened a portal to the Outside, a "debaser unit" Beyonder of the Beyond Corp reached in and turned him into its avatar.[9] Subsequently, the entity took up Jason's plans to take over the world using products and brands which infected the public consciousness in order to slowly control society.[22]

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 6 Textless

"Jason Quandrell" as an avatar for Beyond

When confronted by Luke Cage and Jessica Jones of the Mighty Avengers, the Beyonder revealed its true nature to the heroes before teleporting them to the void of space.[23] They were rescued by the Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear) and managed to explain the situation to their teammates.[9]

While "Mr. Beyond" dealt with a vengeful Monica Rambeau, a trio composed of the Blue Marvel, Doctor Positron (Max Brashear), and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) infiltrated Cortex's HQ and reprogrammed the portal Quantrell used to bring the rogue Beyonder into their world, allowing the Blue Marvel's other son, Kevin Brashear, to re-enter his home reality after years stranded in the Neutral Zone. With the powers acquired from his time there, Kevin was able to remove the Beyonder and its avatar from reality.[10]

Mercs for Money[]

Under unknown circumstances, agents of the Beyond Corporation acquired a broken Rigellian Recorder that was capable of predicting the future and took it to a research facility owned by the company. Deadpool and his Mercs for Money attacked them as soon as they got there to retrieve the robot, as they had been hired to do.[24] It was eventually discovered that it was the robot who hired Deadpool through proxies as part of a still undisclosed plan it elaborated after being scattered across space-time.[25]


Inspired by the story of Jason Halifax, the former C.E.O. of a big oil company whose crimes were forgotten by the public after his mansion was obliterated by Thor and the Sentry during the Siege of Asgard, the Beyond Corporation used the resources they accumulated in two years of acquisitions to set up two new divisions: a public one for superheroes headed by Maxine Danger, and a covert one for villains led by the Assessor.[13][14] While Maxine commanded Super Hero Development within the company,[26] the Assessor manufactured villains through a shell company called Asset Analysis Incorporated.[27] With the meta-products produced by these divisions, Beyond intended to control the news cycles and make anyone or anything disappear for those who could afford their price.[14]

Having acquired the Spider-Man name and likeness in one of their acquisitions, Beyond Corp hired Ben Reilly to be their Spider-Man and first sponsored hero,[13] choosing him over the other Spider-Men because of the ease to manipulate his mind.[28] Among the other heroes hired by Beyond were the Daughters of the Dragon[13] and the Slingers.[16][6] After asking Beyond Corp to erase his more problematic memories in order to get a fresh start,[29] Ben was sent on multiple missions,[30][31] as were the other heroes on Beyond's payroll.[32][33][16]

Benjamin Reilly (Earth-616) and Marcus Momplaisir (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 81 001

Ben Reilly working for Beyond as Spider-Man

One of Ben's first public missions as Beyond's Spider-Man was to hunt down the U-Foes, but Peter ended up getting involved[13] and was hospitalized with radiation poisoning.[34] Consequently, his aunt May Parker sought help from Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) to save his life.[35] But in his creating a cure for Peter, Otto discovered the Beyond Corporation was behind the U-Foes, and upon investigating the company further, he eventually learned that they had used his work from Parker Industries assets to make their Spider-Man.[15] Afterwards, Otto stole a data drive containing all of Beyond's darkest secrets,[36] and invaded Beyond Tower to confront Maxine Danger for perceived plagiarisms. Ben showed up before Otto could do her any harm, with their battle ending up outside the building, where the two could speak privately. There Otto revealed the truth about Ben's recruitment before giving him the drive and leaving.[28]

Not trusting Beyond Corp anymore, Ben lied to them that the drive had been destroyed in his battle against Ock and secretly gave it to his girlfriend Janine Godbe. Going into a session with Dr. Ashley Kafka, his distrust of her due to her Beyond employment wained and he started confiding details he uncovered, but was suppressed and detained before he could reveal the truth of the U-Foes. As Beyond erased Ben's encounter with Otto from his mind and unknowingly removed his formative mental imprints, Janine escaped Beyond Tower and sought Mary Jane's help to expose the company.[17] However, knowing Janine would likely do such a thing, Maxine had Dr. Kafka turned into the Queen Goblin, and dispatched her to intercept the duo, successfully destroying the drive.[14]

Larval Earth[]

Beyond had a branch located on Earth-8311 called the "Beeyond Corporation." The organization continued their twisted experiments on this reality, including the development of a Time Cube. Receiving word of this invention, the Green Gobbler broke into their laboratory to sabotage them and secure time travel for his own company, Oscoop. He was stopped by Spider-Ham and Black Catfish.[1]




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