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The Beyonder was a being from the beyond who came and took apart fragments of various worlds and dimensions and merged them together like a jigsaw puzzle to form Battleworld as part of his experiment. Upon its creation, the Beyonder met with the Avengers within the Avengers Tower he had rebuilt and explained to them the situation they were in. They demanded him to put Earth as it was, but the Beyonder easily overpowered them. He assured the Avengers not to worry and go about their usual lives before he left to look in on other individuals.[1]

The Beyonder later appeared before a group of Avengers who were trying to recover the Bifrost to undo Battleworld before it was destroyed, but it was trap by the Beyonder himself. Iron Man warned Beyonder that if he didn't restore all the world to normal they would all die, but gave no sympathy to them. Hulk attempted to smash the Beyonder, but was unable to as the Beyonder separated both Hulk and Bruce Banner into two beings and sent them far away in opposite directions. Before he left, the Beyonder reminded the rest that on Battleworld he was in command and told them to stop interfering or else he'd split them apart as well.[2]



Seemingly those of the Beyonder of Earth-616.

  • Unknown Physiology: He is a humanoid being whose distinctive feature is that his eye colorations are completely white.
    • Superhuman Strength: He was able to easily combat and rag doll Tony Stark, while Tony was in his new armor designed from the Beyonder's scientific knowledge.
    • Superhuman Durability: He naturally has enhanced durability, allowing him survive being plummeted by massive boulders and explosions with minimal injuries.
    • Superhuman Intelligence: He has scientific and mystical knowledge, that surpasses the greatest minds known.
    • Levitation / Flight: He naturally ah the power to fly and levitate at superhuman speeds.[3]
  • Technological Magic: The Beyonder has technology as well as technological enhancements which are extremely advanced, to the point where Tony Stark has difficulty trying to remotely understand its basics. It has allowed him to performed feats of power, that can only be perceived as reality warping magic.
    • Dimensional Splicing: He pieced together different parts of different worlds to create Battle world.
    • Regenerative Immortality: His technology causes his cells to regenerate indefinitely, making him an immortal. He can even regenerate his clothing instantly.[3]
    • Soul Splitting: He split Banner and Hulk into two separate beings.[2]
    • Advanced Telekinesis: He can exert tremendous telekinetic force, being able to easily restrain Ares, a Polytheistic War Deity himself. [3]

He can even levitate and toss people across incredible distances with his tremendous telekinetic force. He can even crush Iron man's armor with his telekinetic power.

    • Holographic Technology: He even has extremely advanced solid holographic technology.
    • Technological Interfacing: He can interface and control his own technology as well his citadel.
    • Shield Projection: He can cast on an energy shield to protect himself from Tony's repulser blasts.
    • Lightning Conjuring: He can create energy-based constructs of lightning to manually toss with his hands.
    • Power Bestowal: He was also going to offer Captain America and Tony Stark immortality in exchange for working side by side with him. However, the orb he offered has the power of temptation.[3]


Seemingly those of the Beyonder of Earth-616.


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