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The Beyonder is a mystical entity hailing from the same universe as Madame Web. He summons Spider-Man and many other heroes to participate in his Secret War, to determine if he was indeed the one who could save the universe. He allowed Doctor Doom to capture him as a test for Spider-Man, who was able to free him with the aid of the other heroes.[1]

Once Spider-Man proved himself, Beyonder took him to the Spider-Carnage's world, and made him leader of the multiverse team of Spider-Men. However he was forced to return to his home following the near depletion of his powers. His last act was to teleport the recently mutated Man-Spider back to Madam Web's base of operations to save Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider and then both of them back to his dimension. He told Madame Web that if Spider-Man prevailed and they all survived to tell him that the Beyonder said "Thank You". He left enlisting his faith in the heroes.[2][3]



Seemingly those of the Beyonder of Earth-616.


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