Quote1 We are beyond. Dreamers. Destroyers. All of reality our whim. Who dares stand before us? Quote2
-- Beyonders


The Beyonders were a near omnipotent alien race from a dimension outside the Omniverse.[3] They commissioned the Nuwali to create the Savage Land and created the Fortisquians to be colonizers.[4]

When the High Evolutionary started to collect the extradimensional mass he needed to build his Counter-Earth, the Beyonders took notice and hired the alien Sphinxor to observe his progress and make preparations to steal the planet for them once it was completed.[5]


As part of their biggest experiment yet, the Beyonders created a singularity across every reality: the Molecule Man. Each Molecule Man would take his universe with him once he died and the Beyonders planned to bear witness to the simultaneous death of everything in the Multiverse. However, the time-travelling Doctor Doom and Molecule Man of Earth-616 united forces to thwart their plans by killing every Molecule Man in existence before his natural death.[6] A contraction in the Multiverse's timeline was created when the universe of their first victim died with him, forcing two universes to collide. their respective Earths serving as the point of impact.[7][6] The moment in which that happened became known as an incursion.[7]

Eight years later, Doom began to gather disciples to help in his quest. They were the Black Swans, women from numerous universes who worshipped him as Rabum Alal, the Great Destroyer. Two years after that, the Beyonders realized something was wrong with their experiment and created the Mapmakers and Sidera Maris. Their purpose was to chart worlds where Molecule Men had died, thus marking the movements of the Black Swans, seeding sacrifice worlds, and preserving future incursion worlds.[6]

Time Runs Out

Soon after being hunted down by the Avengers, the Illuminati sent Yellowjacket on a mission to find Rabum Alal.[1] During his journey, Yellowjacket witnessed as the Beyonders annihilated the Celestials, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, the In-Betweener, and even the Living Tribunal throughout all realities.[8]

Later on, the Beyonders killed all of the Multiversal Avengers upon being confronted by them.[9] Using kidnapped Molecule Men, Doom created a bomb that he launched on the Beyonders after drawing them out of their dimension. The detonation of the bomb reduced the number of remaining universes from hundreds of thousands to less than two dozen, but managed to destroy the Beyonders.[6][2] Doom absorbed their powers afterwards and used them to create Battleworld.[10]

Powers and Abilities


Nigh-Omnipotence: The Beyonders possess nigh-omnipotent powers, being the better of the Beyonder[6] and are more powerful than the Celestials. They can build whole universes, give ideas form, create and destroy stars on a whim,[9] and create Cosmic Cubes.[citation needed] The Beyonders can kill multiple powerhouses on whim,[8] as three Beyonders have been shown to be powerful enough to kill the Living Tribunal itself, as well as destroy most of the cosmic entities of every reality.[8] One alone easily overpowered the combined might of Thor, Hyperion, and Starbrand, suffering no visible damage from their attacks until Starbrand's detonation.[9] Their powers are so enormous that Doctor Doom matched and even defeated a user of the Infinity Gauntlet when he had the power of the Beyonders, showing the superiority of their powers over that of the Infinity Gems.[11] Despite their enormous power, they are unable to travel time[6] and are not very durable against overwhelming forces, as one was killed by Starbrand's explosion.[9]

  • Avatar Creation: The form the Beyonders took were manifestations making them solid states that contained their very essence.[9]

A few abilities their manifestations displayed are:

  • Shapeshifting: The Beyonders are universally adaptive and harmonically transitional.[8] They can transform their body parts and take new forms.[9]
  • Energy Discharges: The Beyonders can shoot powerful energy blasts capable to bring down Thor, and even injuring cosmic entities like Eternity or the Celestials.[8]
  • Superhuman Strength: A Beyonder has been shown strong enough to hold a strike from Thor, tearing his arm apart with relative ease a moment later.[9]
  • Superhuman Speed: The Beyonders are fast enough to take by surprise the likes of Thor and Hyperion and attack them.
  • Regeneration: The Beyonders can regenarate their body parts.[8]
  • Dimensional Travel: The Beyonders can create rifts in space-time to travel between realities.[citation needed]


The Beyonders were described by Doctor Doom as being linear. They are constrained and restricted to their own sequential timeline, so they are unable to travel through time.[6] They can be destroyed by utterly overwhelming force, such as the detonation of Starbrand, or the Molecule Men from various universes.[9][2] Additionally, the Great Society encountered one of the Beyonders in the past, and found a way to defeat it or at least survive the encounter.[12]


Representatives: Beyonder; possibly Those Who Sit Above in Shadow.


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