Bhadsha was the last known Emperor of the Zn'rx, which means that he ruled over all the various clans. He is married to all the Queens who lead these clans, including Maraud.

Unlike most other Zn'rx, who are very warlike, Bhadsha actually tried to soften his race's warlike tendencies. Although he is a beloved leader, some of his changes, including trying to reduce the process of succession from an all out clan war to a single bout of combat between all the princes, have not been popular.

Queen Maraud, as one of Bhadsha's wives, secretly tried to kill him by adding poison to his bath water. The efforts were almost successful, however, he was saved, and was able to continue to rule, when his mind was transplanted into Prince Jakal's donated body.[1]

Bhadsha has also made efforts to maintain relationships with other alien nations and races. He is a personal friend of the Kymellian ambassador to Snarkworld, Lord Yrik Whitemane. He accepted the members of Power Pack as allies after their involvement in the Snark Wars, and saw that they were safely returned to Earth after their abduction by Maraud.

Several years after getting his mind transplant however, Maraud caused Jakal's consciousness to emerge again and usurp that of Bhadsha, effectively killing the emperor and giving Jakal control over the Snark Throne.[2] Not long after this, Jakal was defeated and the Zn'rx decided to reform their government from an empire to a Triumvirate.[3]


Identical to those of other Zn'rx.

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