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The Bhiv were the creations of another robot whom they referred to as the "Master." The objective of the Master was to feed the Bhiv knowledge in combat, and use them to take over the universe.

The Bhiv captured numerous warriors, including Venom and Pik Rollo, and the Master had them fight in an arena. The purpose of the battle was to learn the skills in combat of the warriors. During the fight, Venom and Pik Rollo made an alliance. After defeating together the other combatants, Pik Rollo faked her death. When the Master descended to the battlefield to congratulate Venom, Rollo caught him off-guard and killed him. The Bhiv soon confronted Venom and Pik Rollo, and revealed that for having killed their Master, they had become their new leaders. Venom and Pik Rollo left their planet, claiming they would return to them.[1]

When Venom confronted the Gramosian terrorist Mercurio, he called the Bhiv for help. After Mercurio was forced to retreat, Venom found a good use to the Bhiv, and ordered two groups of them to serve the P'qui and Cora, respectively.[2]

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