Bhoraji was an impoverished border village which served a temple of Mitra. While Kaleb the Destroyer came here with his daughter, Solaise, to organize and prepare the soldiers for Conan's arrival, the Devourer of Souls unleashed the Shedu upon the surrounding countryside. Meanwhile, the Devourer tracked Kaleb and his mysterious daughter to the temple of Mitra they were hiding in. Leaving his daughter in the basement to check on things upstairs Kaleb discovered the Devourer in the temple and a pitched battle began.[1]

After a fierce battle, Kaleb the Destroyer became the only "mortal" to defeat the Devourer in physical combat. Impaling him on the outstretched arm of an idol of Mitra, Kaleb left the Devourer for dead. Meanwhile Solaise acquired her pet cat, Sedrick, whom she constantly talked to and who helped her access her dread powers.[2]

As the townspeople of Bhoraji looted the wrecked temple of Mitra, a man named Dimitri touched the Devourer's sword and resurrected him at the cost of his life.[3]


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