The Bi-Beast was originally a huge android with two heads (one atop the other - the top skull is given knowledge of warfare while the bottom skull was given a knowledge of culture) created many years ago by the Bird People, an Avian race that were in turn a sub-species of the Inhumans. For reasons unknown, the Avian race died out, and the Bi-Beast was left to its own devices in the floating city of Aerie.[1]

The Hulk

Years later, the creature saw the Harpy with Bruce Banner, and was reminded of its former Avian masters. The Bi-Beast captured them both and instructed Banner to fix the now-decaying machines in the city. Banner instead chose to cure the Harpy, who reverted back to her original form of Betty Ross soon after. The Bi-Beast became aware of Banner's deception and fought Banner's alter-ego the Hulk, but was distracted when an A.I.M. strike force led by M.O.D.O.K. stormed the city. Rather than allow its home to be captured, the Bi-Beast activated a self-destruct mechanism and perished in the explosion.[1]

Unbeknownst at the time, the Bird People had constructed a second Bi-Beast, which did survive the explosion and continued to be a threat to Hulk and other superheroes.[2]


  • The Bi-Beast is a highly advanced android that rivals the Hulk in terms of strength, is tireless and feels no pain. The Bi-Beast also possesses an extensive knowledge of Avian warfare and culture, but no knowledge of science. The dissemination of this information to two minds, however, proves to be a handicap as the heads often argue with one another.[3][4][5][6]

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