A former business rival of Emma Frost and member of the Hellfire Club (though Inner Circle membership is unlikely), her company was seized by the White Queen in a hostile takeover. In hopes of getting revenge, she used one of her company's research projects to discover and bring back alien technology to destroy Frost International's hegemony but only succeeded in trapping herself in a nether dimension where she says she "endured unspeakable torments". She returned to Earth after she found someone there who had the power to send her back. When she was sent back she found herself in the company of a cadre of insectoid aliens called Blattarians, whom she transmuted into humanoid Dwarves, an apparent affront to their cultural aesthetics.[1] She claimed she had acquired psychic powers to rival her old foe's, but unfortunately her attack on Emma, and consequently Generation X, was timed during the psychic blackout caused by Psylocke's battle with the Shadow King. She was forced to confront Emma on a purely physical level, which gave Emma the edge to eventually defeat her. She was forced to repair the bio-sphere while the kids were taking pictures for her while she was all sweaty and her makeup all running. While she was working a strange vortex appeared and she and Dwarves were pulled in along the bio-sphere.[2]


LaNeige's powers are not clearly defined, but presumably, any she possesses are artificially garnered from her interdimensional travels. She apparently possesses some form of energy/matter manipulation, exhibited in her transformation of her Blattarian crew. She also claims to have very powerful psionic powers, rivaling Emma Frost's, but this is not seen due to the psychic blackout resulting from Psylocke's battle with the Shadow King on the astral plane.

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