Biddy Cooper was a female all-American teenager living in Riverdull and, apparently, courting male all-American teenager Starchy Androods. Androods believed that Cooper was droolingly attractive, but he eventually married Moronica Codger. Disheartened, Cooper moved to Los Angeles and worked as an actress in several movies. Later, Cooper decided that her own work was degradingly contemptible, and she returned to Riverdull so she could re-build her own life. Her plan included writing a book and a TV mini-series about her own life. To that end, she decided to cameo in Starchy Androods' four-page special in What The--!? #4. The cameo was a success, with Cooper suddenly appearing in Androod's home without warning and explaining her life while the narrator's captions detailed her wardrobe and hairdress.[1]

Cooper started working with the Androodses and their friend Jerkhead. They pretended to be typical teenagers performing usual activities such as partying and going for icecream - even if Androods was so old that he needed wig and dentures for the charade. During one of these public meetings, they were interrupted by superheroine Milk, who was fighting a nearby dinosaur. Milk,[2] a teenager herself,[3] took a moment of her time to reprimand the false teenagers for their unhealthy diet. Androods revealed that they had been playing teenagers for so long that they had grown old, and reprimanded Milk for meddling.[2]


Experience as an actress


Dress by Frederick's of Hollywood; gloves by Playtex.

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