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The Bifrost, also known as the Rainbow Bridge, was used by the Asgardian gods to travel from Asgard to any of the Ten Realms and worlds beyond. It was guarded and operated by Heimdall the All-Seer using Hofund based in his Observatory.[4] Currently, the Bifrost is guarded and operated by Sif in the Watchtower Tree.[5]



The Bifrost was built by an unnamed wizard who was studying traveling across planes.[1]

Modern Era[]

The Avengers were the first-ever mortals to stand upon the Bifrost.[6]

It was shattered following the events of Ragnarok.[7]

Asgard (Realm) from Immortal Thor Vol 1 1 001

Loki rebuilds the Bifrost

After the War of the Realms, the Bifrost shards were used to rebuild it as the Bifrost Garden, with the Watchtower Tree acting as its heart.[3] During a battle between Iron Man and the Hulk, Thor was transformed into a gamma mutate as a colateral damage of a gargantuan explosion caused by Hulk.[8] Sif attempted to teleport Thor to Asgard to help him, but Thor resisted Sif's efforts, leading to the Bifrost's destruction.[9] The shards of the Bifrost were collected by M.O.D.O.K., merging with them to became M.Y.T.H.O.S., using its power to warp reality making himself the master of the Ten Realms. M.Y.T.H.O.S. was eventyally defeated by Thor, returning the shards of the Bifrost to Asgard's space,[10] where it was later repaired by Loki with the Wand of Wutevar, stronger than before according to Sif.[11]

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)[]

Bifrost (Earth-928) from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 15 0001

A version of the Bifrost connected to Libera Cielo.[12]

New Ultimate Universe (Earth-6160)[]

Asgard (Realm) from Ultimate Invasion Vol 1 2 001

The Maker of Earth-1610 traveled to Earth-6160 to reshape it to his image. He put Loki on the throne of Asgard, shattering the Bifrost in the process and imprisoning Thor.[13]

After Thor was freed by Iron Lad and Doom, he retrieved Mjolnir, using it to summon the Bifrost to escape Asgard and later to travel to Latveria.[14]

What If? Thor (Earth-22260)[]

Bifrost from What If? Thor Vol 1 1 001

In Earth-22260, the Bifrost was destroyed by Frost Giants. Years afterwards, it was rebuilt by Freyja, allowing Loki to use it to escape to Midgard.[15]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

The Bifrost Bridge is a "Wormhole" or "Einstein-Rosen bridge", a device that allows shortcut connecting two separate points in spacetime, used by the Asgardians. It is guarded by the warrior Heimdall at his Observatory. The Bifrost Bridge is a link between all the Nine Realms, but can be opened only if Heimdall permits it: the bridge is in fact much too powerful, and it would destroy all realms if left opened.[16]

Bifrost from Thor (film) 001

Thor, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three used the Bifrost to reach Jotunheim, thus reigniting an age-old conflict with the jotuns. Loki's machinations behind this affair culminated in an attempt to destroy Jotunheim by leaving the Bifrost open on that realm, but Thor foiled the plan by destroying the Bifrost with Mjolnir instead.[16]

With the Bifrost destroyed, although Thor was able to travel to Earth due to Odin summoning a great deal of dark magic,[17] the Asgardians became cut off from the worlds that they protected, and the Nine Realms were consequently plunged into chaos.[18] They hastily rebuilt the bridge, which Heimdall subsequently re-powered with the Tesseract, and then set forth on a campaign to rid the Nine Realms of the marauders that had grown in strength during their absence.[19] During this time the Bifrost was put to frequent use transporting Asgardian raiding parties to the other realms, and to bring their prisoners back to Asgard.[20]

The Bifrost was ultimately destroyed by Surtur and Hela along with the rest of Asgard.[21] However, after Thor got Stormbreaker, he gained the ability to summon the Bifrost.[22]

Heroes Reborn (Earth-21798)[]

Zarda (Earth-21798) from Heroes Reborn Vol 2 6 007

Power Princess summoning the Bifrost via the Rainbow Ax

In this reality, the Bifrost was destroyed by the Mangog during the Ragnarok Wars. The last piece of the bridge was salvaged by Power Princess to forge the Rainbow Ax. Power Princess used the Rainbow Ax to travel to Asgard and later attack Thor.[23]

Sins of Sinister (Moira VII.1)[]

In this reality, the Bifrost was destroyed by Magik with the Twilight Sword, leaving Asgard drifting in space, to ensure Thor and the Asgardians could never return to Earth.[24]

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