Big Sutton was the leader of a racketeering operation during the 1940s. In the summer of 1942, he had hired Tony Conville to help in an insurance fraud scheme. To this end, they plotted to have a set of jewels that were going to be displayed by a showgirl to be stolen so that they could split the insurance money. To this end, Conville had the model replaced with another woman who would help them out. However, when the Connors woman attempted to blackmail Tony with letters he had written her, he had her killed, murdered her roommate, and destroyed the letters.

This not only attracted the attention of the police, but also that of comic book writer Red Skeleton who decided to try and solve the murder as inspiration for a comic story. Conville had Skeleton captured and brought him to Big Sutton's office. Furious about the murders, as it created too many unnecessary complications to their plot, Big Sutton was about to execute both Skeleton and Conville when Red's friend Deena Drayson came to the rescue. Holding Sutton at gun point long enough for Red to knock him and his men out. Big Sutton was turned over to the authorities,[1] his subsequent fate is unknown.


Sutton is armed with a pistol.

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