Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Abigail Bullion

Supporting Characters:

  • Barnabas T. Bullion
  • George Willikers
  • Chandler
  • Dolfo
  • Onawa


Other Characters:


  • Big Thunder Mountain Gold Mine
  • Rainbow Ridge



Synopsis for 1st story

Abigail Bullion just arrived in Rainbow Ridge, the western town built around the Big Thunder Mountain gold mine owned by her father, Barnabas T. Bullion. Abigail came to Big Thunder at a rough time - business hasn't been great, and the miners have been digging deeper and deeper into the mountain. Many of the men, including Chandler, warn that the increase in accidents is a result of the anger of the spirit of Big Thunder. Chandler, along with fellow Rainbow Ridge residents Onawa and Dolfo, form a crew of bandits who steal from the mine to buy much-needed supplies for the town. And when Abby discovers what they're doing, she becomes a bandit herself! Onawa, however, is increasingly distrustful of Abby and holds an old grudge against her father. She decides to turn over Abby and Chandler to Willikers and to kidnap Bullion, but as she prepares to take her revenge, the spirit of Big Thunder appeared and asserted its earth-shaking power!

Solicit Synopsis


• The spirit of Big Thunder Mountain takes our heroes on their wildest ride yet!

• But will they all survive it unscathed?

• Mysterious mountain spirits, runaway mine trains, and a fortune in gold at stake—it’s all been leading to this!

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