Biggs was the cat pet of Shannon Sugarbaker's ex-boyfriend, Claude. To spite him, she kidnapped Biggs and turned it into a cyborg to make it a specimen suitable to be hunted for her amusement.[1]

Claude hired the private eye Howard the Duck to find Biggs. Due to his inability to tell cats apart, Howard mistook Nancy Whitehead's cat Mew for Biggs and abducted it. Nancy's friend, Squirrel Girl pursued Howard, and cleared up the cat's identity. Before they could continue together the search for Biggs, Howard was kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter, who had been hired by Sugarbaker to obtain other anthropomorphic animals, and brought him to her mansion in upstate New York.

Biggs (Earth-616) from Howard the Duck Vol 6 6 001

Bigg's original robotic implants

Howard, Biggs and the other prisoners of Sugarbaker were joined by Squirrel Girl, who had tracked down Howard but failed to rescue him, in a hunt throughout Sugarbaker's immense garden, where they were hunted by her, using cosplay ersatz weaponry.[2] When the prisoners were escaping Sugarbaker, Howard recognized Biggs.

Biggs was one of the last of the hunted to be caught, and he was taken with the rest back to the mansion to then be hunted again later. Howard and Squirrel Girl managed to find a tunnel back to the mansion and outfited Howard with some of the knock-off weaponry to confront Sugarbaker. While Howard fought Sugarbaker, Squirrel Girl freed the other immates, who joined the fight until the villain was knocked unconscious.

Howard had Tony Stark shrink down Biggs's robotic implants to appear more similar to a normal cat, but Claude was still freaked out by his cat's new appearance and rejected it. Thus, Howard decided to keep Biggs.[1]


Robotic implants: A grand majority of Biggs body was replaced by mechanical limbs, which increased him to a size similar to a human. These implants were later removed and replaced by others much more similar to its original body in size and form. This modifications also allow Biggs to speak, albeit in a rather primitive manner.[1]

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