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Bilderberg Conference
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Economic group of North countries interests

Quote1 I understand your frustration in dealing with a black man who can't be bought with a truck full of guns, a plane lead of blonde, and a Swiss bank account. But hold on to what little class you have. Quote2
-- T'Chaka to the Bilderberg Conference


The Bilderberg Conference is a group working for North countries interests.[1]


  • In Black Panther Vol 4 #3, the Bilderberg Conference was shown to have invited Wakanda's king T'Chaka to their table in an attempt to negotiate with him the use of Wakandan goods. When he refused, hired assassin Ulysses Klaw killed T'Chaka. This account of events retconned the previously established version of T'Chaka's death. Years later, this interpretation was overwritten by Rise of the Black Panther #1, which returned to the original version of T'Chaka's death in which Klaw invaded Wakanda and killed T'Chaka when he refused to share Vibranium with him.

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