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Personal History

William Everett was born May 18, 1917 in Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts and raised in nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, with his parents Robert Maxwell Everett and Elaine Grace Brown Everett, and his sister Elizabeth, born in 1915. His family included Everett, Massachusetts' namesake, Edward Everett. It also includes Edward's son, Massachusetts Congressman William Everett; and the poet William Blake.

At 12, in 1929, Everett contracted tuberculosis and was pulled from school to go with his mother and his sister to Arizona, to recuperate for four months. They then returned to Massachusetts, but a recurrence of the disease sent the trio back to Arizona. His rebelliousness caused his parents to remove him from high school at age 16 and enroll him in Boston's Vesper George School of Art.

In 1935 his father died of acute appendicitis, and the family, though remaining well-off, moved to Cambridge. Everett knew his father "always wanted me to be a cartoonist, and he died, unfortunately, before he saw that come true.

Professional History

Bill Everett was a penciler and writer for Timely Comics, Atlas Comics and later for Marvel Comics. His first book at Timely was Marvel Comics #1, where he was the writer and artist who created Namor, the Sub-Mariner. In the same issue his good friend, Carl Burgos created the first Human Torch.

Work History



  • He was a descendant of the poet William Blake.

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