Bill Howard (Earth-616) from Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 8 002

Sargent B.R. Howard

The man known as the Knife was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By the beginning of 1943, he operated within Goose Rock Lighthouse. When he learned his colleague Ritter was really a spy for the FBI, he murdered the man, but not before Ritter could signal an SOS with the lighthouse, attracting the Sub-Mariner. The Knife knocked Namor out of the lighthouse into the water below and escaped.

Having obtained falsified documents, he posed as Marine Sargent B.A. Howard and took up rank at the Marine Troop on Parris Island. Soon, the Sub-Mariner enlisted and joined this troop in order to flush the Knife out. Namor instantly suspected Howard and was more convinced when Howard suddenly stood at attention when another soldier yelled "Achtung". When the Parris Island Marines were deployed to California for advanced training, the Knife planted a bomb aboard the train, but Namor found it and tossed it out before it could explode. Namor then pretended he knew the identity of the Knife and loudly announced that he was going to keep that his secret until he could report it to Navy Intelligence. Falling for this trick, the Knife attacked Namor when he thought the Sub-Mariner was sleeping. A fight broke out, and the Knife managed to escape after throwing a dagger through Namor's shoulder.

After training, the troop was deployed to Guadalcanal to see combat against Imperial Japanese forces. The Knife gave away their position at sea to the Japanese, but they were fought off by Namor. Landing on Guadalcanal, the Knife kept on signaling the Japanese information and eventually abandoned his troops to try and seek refuge aboard a Japanese vessel. However, Namor's quick thinking and aquatic abilities help the soldiers sink the ships.

The Knife survived and was pulled out of the water by Namor who turned them over to the Marines where Namor expected him to face a firing squad.[2] If the Knife met this fate remains unspecified.


The Knife uses throwing knives.

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