The lobster Bill was a scientific experiment that aimed to grant people superpowers through cybernetics. Ramon Lefszycic and his colleague Tadashi Fujita were brilliant college students with a research grant and faculties near Coney Island. The two scientist's lab experiments of using cybernetics to enhance beings resulted in the creation of augmented abilities, human-level intelligence and strength and the ability to project small illusions for communication, for a pair of lobsters, Bill and Don.[2]

The two scientists were infatuated with the superheroine Marvel Girl and were upset when she transformed into the Phoenix. Attempting to create their own Marvel Girl, by kidnapping a girl and implanting cybernetics in her, the scientists performed similar experiments on Gomi, their lab assistant, trying to bestow her telekinetic abilities. They failed, however, in that Gomi's cybernetics simply produced a destructive and uncontrollable bolt of kinetic energy. The scientists were denied further funding and Gomi ran away with the lobsters, rather than have them eaten.[3]

At some point afterward, the trio became a part of the Fallen Angels, a group of petty superpowered thieves led by the villain Vanisher. Bill made friends and accompanied them on adventures, but tragedy struck when Devil Dinosaur, who joined the team following a trip to Dinosaur World, accidentally stepped on Don, killing him.[4]

Bill retaliated by attacking Moon Boy, until Siryn broke them up. Nonetheless, grief-stricken Bill and Gomi continued to serve on the Fallen Angels, accompanying them to the Coconut Grove, Ariel's home planet. The inhabitants of the Coconut Grove captured the Fallen Angels, intending to use them as experiments to continue their evolution, but the Angels worked together to defeat them. Bill and Gomi rejoined the Fallen Angels subsequently.[5]


Bill has greater intelligence and strength than a normal lobster.

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